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Welcome to the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum web site, which has been created to keep you informed of the efforts the national parliaments of the Asia-Pacific region are making in order to achieve their integration.

The countries of the Asia-Pacific region, despite their diversity, are striving to find a common ground upon which to build their future while maintaining a mutual respect for the customs, values, and traditions of the different peoples of the region.

I would like to invite you to take part in this process by sending your comments and suggestions in order for us to improve this site.

Strong and close regional cooperation cannot be achieved overnight. It requires the continued efforts of everybody at various levels and for many years. It is my hope that this site will play a key role in this endeavor by providing parliamentarians and citizens of the Asia- Pacific region with a space where they can discuss major issues freely and reach agreements that reflect the interests and opinions of those in the region.

Thank you very much.

Yasuhiro Nakasone

APPF Honorary Chairman