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Submitted by the Philippines

The Asia Pacific-Parliamentary Forum Sixth Annual Meeting,

Aware that Myanmar's ruling military junta, the State Law and Order Restoration Council(SLORC) has drawn international criticism for its refusal to hand over political power to the opposition candidates who won during the May 27, 1990 elections and the continued detention of Daw Aung San Sui Kyi, the leader of the National League for Democracy;

Mindful of the political condition in Myanmar, the U.S.A., the European countries and Australia have been vocal in condemning the SLORC's human rights record;

Noting that with loans and aid blocked by the US veto imposed on international lending institutions, Myanmar's principal problem is lack of foreign exchange to finance its economic reforms and infrastructure, problems needed to sustain the current pace of development;

Convinced that dialogue and not force is the only way to settle power sharing arrangement between the military and civilian politicians in Myanmar;

Recognizing that Myanmar is already a member of ASEAN;

Resolves to:

  1. Urge the State Law and Order Restoration Council to convene the constitutional body that would work for the framing of the constitutional Law which would be the start of full political normalcy in Myanmar and which law would be premised on the release of all political prisoners and transfer of power to the duly elected representatives;
  2. Encourage both the SLORC and the National League of Democracy for a peaceful dialogue to settle their political differences;
  3. Call upon APPF member countries to assist Myanmar in formulating an amicable settlement to its political issues.