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Submitted by the Philippines

The Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Sixth Annual Meeting,

Aware that the El Ni o is a recurrent, global climate abnormality that can cause prolonged dry season and/or drought, and can also cause excessive rainfall in short periods that can result to widespread flooding in low-lying areas;

Noting with concern the prediction of the World Climate Research Programme of the United Nations that the 1997-1998 El Ni o could be the "climate event of the century" and warns that El Ni o is already so extreme, and affecting so large an area in the Pacific Ocean, that it could cause billions of dollars in damage worldwide;

Recognizing El Ni o as a global concern which cannot be licked by one nation alone and that every citizen should have a long-term commitment to fight environmental hazards through collective activism in order to eventually protect each man's right to a safe, just and healthy nation;

Convinced that with the devastating effects of El Ni o, nations of the world have to undertake measures to abate its damage to the agricultural sectors and to synchronize efforts for the implementation of coping mechanisms and drought mitigation action plans;

Resolves to: