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Submitted by the Canadian Delegation


The Seventh Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Convinced of the need for a comprehensive approach to promote, at the global and regional levels, the control and reduction of small arms and light weapons (hereinafter "small arms") in a balanced and non-discriminatory manner as a contribution to international peace and security (Source: UNGA Resolution, 53/77E);

Reaffirming the urgent need for practical disarmament in the context of the conflicts that the United Nations is actually dealing with and of the weapons that are actually killing people in the hundreds of thousands (Source: UNGA Resolution 53/77E);

Considering that the illicit circulation of massive quantities of small arms throughout the world impedes development and is a source of increased insecurity (Source: UNGA Resolution 53/77B);

Welcoming the increased international attention being directed towards the small arms issue, including the 1997 report to the United Nations Secretary General of the Panel of Government Experts on Small Arms and the subsequent establishment of the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms as well as the work of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice on the illicit trafficking of firearms and the elaboration of a protocol to the Convention on Transnational Organised Crime;

Welcoming also the small arms-related resolutions by the United Nations General Assembly, most recently resolution 54/77E on Small Arms and resolution 53/77B on Assistance to States for curbing the illicit traffic in small arms and collecting them and the United Nations General Assembly decision to convene an international conference on the illicit arms trade in all its aspects not later than 2001;

Recognising the active role that a number of the member states of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) have played in the international effort to combat the illicit arms trafficking and trade that causes the excessive and uncontrolled accumulation of small arms and the experience of APPF member states in addressing the problems posed by small arms;

Recognising further important achievements at a regional level, including the successful adoption and entry into force of the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and other Related Materials;


Resolves to:

Call upon all Asia-Pacific countries to engage actively in the international effort to combat the illicit arms trafficking and trade that causes excessive and uncontrolled and spread of small arms;

Encourage all Asia-Pacific countries to explore and act upon opportunities to address the small arms issue at global, regional and national levels; and

Encourage all Asia-Pacific countries to take all necessary measures to combat illicit trafficking in small arms, to ensure effective controls on the legal trade in small arms and to address the humanitarian, governance and practical disarmament aspects of the small arms issue in a context of peace building and human security.