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Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
5th Annual Meeting January 7-10, 1997
Vancouver, Canada

Resolution submitted jointly by the Japanese and the Peruvian Delegations


Condemnation of the terrorist act perpetrated at the japanese ambassador's residence in Lima-Perú

We, the parliamentarians of the APPF, gathered at its Fifth Annual Meeting at Vancouver in January 1997,

Shocked and outraged by the terrorist attack and hostage-taking perpetrated by the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA), at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan in Lima, Peru on the evening of December 17, 1996;

Convinced that this terrorist attack and taking of hostages, many of whom remain unreleased as of this date, undermines the rule of law, democratic institutions and human rights;

Noting the firm statements of condemnation and the show of the solidarity by the international community with the peoples and governments of Peru and Japan;

Commending the Peruvian Government for doing its utmost to bring about a peaceful and principled resolution as soon as possible;

Welcoming the positive efforts of dedicated persons and organisations who have offered assistance in relation to this deplorable incident;

Recalling the APPF Resolution on terrorism (APPFII/Res/Pol/2) which strongly condemns any form of terrorism and criminal acts deliberately violating human rights;

Recalling further the communique of the G-7/P8 Ministerial Meeting on Terrorism held in Paris in July 1996, the Declaration of the Latin American Parliament and the communique of the G-7/P8 Governments, both issued in December 1996;

Resolve to:

  1. Express our strongest possible condemnation of the criminal act perpetrated by the terrorist group at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan in Peru;

  2. Reaffirm the general principle that no concession should be made in dealing with terrorists;

  3. Demand the immediate release of all hostages without exception;

  4. Express our solidarity with the Peruvian people and Government and, in particular, with the Congress of the Republic of Peru and the five congressmen held until now and giver our full support for and confidence in their efforts to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner, with the priority aim of saving the lives of hostages; and

  5. Call on our respective governments to extend their full cooperation to the Peruvian Government in every possible way.

    Adopted unanimously on January 8, 1997, in Vancouver.