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The Executive Committee consists of subregion representatives, and the representatives of the current Annual Meeting host country, the next Annual Meeting host country, and countries designated by the Honorary President.

The Executive Committee may submit recommendations to the Annual Meeting with regard to policy issues which the APPF wishes to address or the APPF's management policy. The Executive Committee carries out the necessary coordination with the host country of the Annual Meeting concerning the draft agenda and schedule of the Annual Meeting

Membership on the Executive Committee is open to all member countries of the APPF with due regard to balance in regional representation. The term of office for an Executive Committee member representing a subregion is four years, from May of the year of an annual meeting until April four years later, but the term for an Executive Committee member representing the host country of an Annual Meeting shall be from May of the year preceding the annual meeting until April following the Annual Meeting.

In the election of representative countries from subregions, as stipulated in Article 39, with due regard to balance in regional representation, the Asia Pacific shall be divided into the following four subregions with two countries being elected from each subregion.

  1. Northeast Asia (5 countries)
  2. Southeast Asia (8 countries)
  3. Oceania (6 countries) and
  4. The Americas (8 countries)